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ProviderTrust Solutions Microsite [project]

ProviderTrust is a healthcare technology startup based in Nashville, Tennessee. From website and landing page design to branding, video, and CRM upkeep, I handle a wide variety of the company's digital marketing content creation and strategy.

The Project

Because the company is relatively young (it was founded in 2010), it has primarily sold one core product before more recently bringing other products to market. ProviderTrust's business development and marketing director asked me to design and build a microsite (basically a self-contained portion of the company's website) to clearly outline and identify the key features of ProviderTrust's products. 

The result (pictured above) can be found here.

Some of the key elements of this site include a consistent visual design across each product page and a clear comparison of the differences between each solution. One of the most helpful features is a decision-tree functionality that allows a user to answer a series of questions to find out which of ProviderTrust's solutions is best for their organization.


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