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Elemental Fit Website [project]

One of my first design clients was (surprise surprise) Elly Haddad, who happens to be my mom. Elly is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition-certified holistic health coach and yoga instructor. She had been self-managing her website FOREVER through Apple's (now-outdated) iWeb platform, but as her business has been growing, she saw the need for a new website.

visit the full site at

visit the full site at

The Project

Elly's main goal in her new site was to have a clean, simple, and modern way to present her services and serve as a hub for potential clients to be able to contact her and find out when her upcoming yoga classes are scheduled. One of her chief sources of web traffic has been through her two blogs, one dedicated to recipes, and the other as a more general health/lifestyle blog. These blogs were both well-established on Blogger, so in the interest of preserving SEO we kept the blogs where they were (instead of migrating them to Squarespace) and updated the design and layout to better reflect the new site.


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