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Transforming Wellness Website [project]

I recently wrapped up a website for yet another health coaching client. Transforming Wellness is the business name of Michelle Johns, a Institute for Integrative Nutrition-certified health coach based outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Transforming Wellness offers various holistic health services, including: yoga classes, individual and group health coaching, and meditation.

to see the full site, visit:

to see the full site, visit:

The Project

Michelle was referred to me by another health coaching client I had designed and built a website for. She had been working with a web company, but was feeling ignored and couldn't seem to pin them down to make changes she needed, despite the fact she was paying them a monthly website management fee. On top of this, the web design was poorly constructed with grainy background images and absolutely no responsive elements, meaning it was a terrible experience on screens smaller than laptops.

Within roughly 1 week of our initial conversation, I had built a brand new Squarespace site for Michelle that alleviated the problems she was having with her previous site. Along with the new design, I trained Michelle in using Squarespace to write and publish blog posts and add new events to her calendar to keep visitors informed on her upcoming yoga classes and community workshops.


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