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Exemplar Associates Website [Project]

Over the holidays I wrapped up the website for Exemplar Associates. Exemplar Associates is a new agency that specializes in trademark licensing and management for high end universities and colleges. 

see the full site at

see the full site at

The Project

I got connected with Rick, one of Exemplar's partners, via the freelancing site Upwork. Rick was looking for someone who could get a website turned around in time for one the company's first meetings with a big potential client. The site needed to be modern, clean, and simple to navigate. I was able to customize a Squarespace template to Rick's specifications, and our work together went smoothly. It was important to Rick to be able to make edits to the website himself, and since Squarespace is so easy to use, I was able to train him on the basics of logging in and using the site.


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