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WINTER16 [Playlist]

For the past 6 or 7 years I've kept track of music I stumble across by making a playlist for whatever the current season is. I used to share these, and I miss it. I've come a long way from sharing those playlists with questionable legality via a Mediafire link and a Facebook note. So, I've decided to fire it up again and bring you the SEASONS playlists, a different collection each season, centered around a certain sound or theme. 

Everything seems to slow way down in the winter. Whether it's the cold temperatures, the gray skies, or the holiday hangover, these acoustic, folky tunes provide the perfect soundtrack for your cold season.

Follow along, I'll be updating this playlist over the next few weeks, feel free to suggest any tunes that would mesh well!

Click here to open WINTER16 in Spotify