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ProviderTrust eBook Download Pages

At ProviderTrust, we create software for a very niche segment of the healthcare industry. What we do is so specific that we often have to educate customers and prospects about what exactly it is we do and why they need tools like ours to comply with federal regulation.

One of the ways we educate is through creating ebooks that are free to download, with our primary goal being to educate about federal regulation. It serves us well because it helps establish ProviderTrust as a thought leader in this area and creates trust that we know what we're doing when it comes time for a prospect to make a buying decision.

The Project

On the marketing team at ProviderTrust, we have several formats of content (webinars, ebooks, blog posts) we specialize in, and simply adapt the formats to cover a wide variety of topics. As the web designer on our team, I am often tasked with creating templates that are able to be quickly and easily replicated when we create a new piece that requires a landing page to download it. 

For these ebooks, I needed to create a page that looked professional but without throwing too much of our content on the page. We also needed to be able to create banner ads and buttons for our website to promote these ebooks. The few assets needed for these pages (the header background and ebook image)  made it VERY easy to quickly design these other elements needed to promote the ebooks with a consistent look and feel.


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