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Travucci Firearm Safety Consulting Website [Project]

My most recent project just wrapped up with Travucci Firearm Safety Consulting. Travucci specializes in training new gun owners on how to properly purchase, use, and store their firearms. 

Visit the site at

Visit the site at

The Project

Angelo and Travis, the co-founders of Travucci, have previously trained people in using firearms but only recently formalized their efforts around Travucci, LLC. Angelo and Travis understand that the world of firearms can be intimidating for those new to it, and have centered Travucci on helping their customers with that challenge. 

The Travucci website needed to convey the openness and friendliness that Angelo and Travis bring to their business while thoroughly explaining the company's training offerings  and values. Travis and Angelo also realized that testimonials will be a huge part of gaining new clients. To reflect this need in the website, we included a testimonial submission form, along with a custom-coded scrolling block on the home page that showcases the kind things Travucci's customers have said about them.


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