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ProviderTrust Quote & Demo Request Landing Pages [Project]

Here at ProviderTrust, we are constantly experimenting and trying to think of new ways to attract and educate potential customers. Because we sell software that can be highly customized depending on the client, one of the best ways to showcase what we can do is through a live demo of our product. Often, organizations shopping for a solution like ours want to get pricing up front. Pricing can vary from client to client depending on what they need our software to do, so this question usually has to be answered on a phone call rather than a static pricing page on our website.

The Project

Prior to this build, our company only had a single page where potential customers could request  a demo of our software. To test if prospects would rather go through a demo or receive a pricing quote first we decided to build two nearly identical pages, with tweaked messaging to differentiate between the two options.

I designed these pages first in Photoshop to get the design down with the rest of my team. We needed to have clean, simple design that clearly outlined what we offer and what, exactly, a user is signing up for. When you are building a landing page you want to eliminate as many 'leaks' as possible, and a leak is just any way someone could leave your page without completing the goal you have for them (in this case filling out the form).

The pages were built out in Hubspot's COS. Hubspot is a great tool because it can tie together all sales and marketing efforts, allowing for better insight into your visitors, contacts, and customers. We are still running our testing to see which page is more effective at converting visitors, but so far we are happy with the results we have gotten. 


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