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Code 8 is the superhero short you didn't know you needed

No matter how much I love superhero movies, I can't deny the fact that not every one that gets made is great (lookin' at you, BvS). They often fall into the same formula, 'X fights Y, city gets destroyed, good guy wins.'  I love seeing genre cliches like these dropped in favor of more grounded approaches to sci-fi/superhero films. Some great examples of movies like this are: District 9, Chronicleand Ex Machina (one of my favorites).

Code 8 is similar aesthetically and thematically to District 9, only in place of Neil Blomkamp's aliens in D9, the marginalized community in this story are people with powers. Take 10 minutes and watch the short film above, if you like it enough, you can even contribute to the creators' Indiegogo campaign, which has already exceeded it's goal, which hopefully means we'll be seeing a feature-length Code 8  before too long. 

This film stars Robbie Amell (The Duff, Max) and was made by himself and his brother, Stephen Amell (Arrow).