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Fighting prescription drug abuse with AffirmHealth [Project]

Education. Government. Healthcare. These are GIGANTIC industries that underpin much of our society and everyday lives but are not always as in-step with current technology and trends as they should be. Working in healthcare technology, it is my mission to help companies innovate when it comes to designing and selling tools to make our clients' jobs easier and reduce the risks associated with their work. 

AffirmHealth is a great example of a company that was recently launched to apply modern solutions to a problem that continues to plague our country: prescription opioid abuse. Two Nashville-based entrepreneurs, Mitch Evans and John Cole, saw a gap that technology could fill, making doctors' jobs easier and patients safer.

The PDMP Dashboard from AffirmHealth allows doctors to efficiently check state databases for their patients' prescription records, giving them insight into patient opioid prescription history. This prevents patients from doctor shopping and getting prescribed more than what is safe for them. Previously there was no way to integrate this into a healthcare provider's workflow, but AffirmHealth's software brings all the data together in one place, simplifying and enhancing the process.

The Project

I worked with AffirmHealth to create a full website that explains to potential clients what their tools provide and a way to get in touch with the AffirmHealth team. Something that makes a good client a good client is the level of preparation they do heading into a project, and Mitch was great to work with. He came very prepared with a solid content outline of what they needed on the site, letting me get started on the design phase pretty quickly.

In order to manage a large number of inquiries and to integrate with their sales process, AffirmHealth's website is built on Hubspot's COS (Content Optimization System). Hubspot is a marketing and sales automation tool, and that also provides the ability to build websites inside their platform, keeping a tight integration and ultimately giving business owners more insight into prospects and customers.