Phil Haddad
Phil Haddad


PawPal is a mobile app concept to help dog owners better manage dog-related tasks and communicate with each other.

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This project grew out of a desire to explore the challenges that dog owners face while managing the tasks and responsibilities of owning a dog, both individually and with others (such as roommates, significant others, etc.). The scope of this project covered everything pre-wireframes, with the exception of rough mockups created for the landing page test.

Deliverables: research plan, user surveys & interviews, storyboards, feature identification, landing page test

Tools used: Typeform, Sketch, Launchrock


Defining the problem

Being a dog owner myself, I have faced the challenges of keeping track of everything I need to do for my dogs, as well as communicating about those tasks and responsibilities with my wife. To explore this space, I created a research plan with the goal of understanding how people manage the tasks/activities associated with owning a dog.


The initial step of my research was to conduct a survey asking some general questions about participants' experience with dogs, how they manage their dog, and any shared responsibilities. (Click the image to enlarge the questions/results.)

These results gave me a good indication of the ways people interact with the tasks and responsibilities of owning a dog and any potential opportunities or false assumptions about that activity.

Results: 205 responses collected via Typeform from personal social networks, r/dogs, and r/SampleSize.

User interviews

Based on the data captured from the survey, I conducted a handful of informal interviews with participants who shared ownership of a dog with someone else. At this point in the project, I wanted to really focus on the communication aspect of multiple individuals owning a dog and directed our discussion accordingly. 


Identifying solutions

Based on the research I conducted, it was clear that people who shared dog ownership with others spent more time communicating about dog tasks and often felt at least a small degree of frustration around this activity. Based on input from interviewees and project stakeholders, the ideal solution identified for this problem was a mobile app designed to allow quick and easy logging of dog related activities, instantly notifying other owners. 

To test this solution, my final deliverable for this project was a simple landing page that outlined the basic functionality to gauge user interest.

the landing page can be viewed at

the landing page can be viewed at