Phil Haddad
Phil Haddad

ProviderTrust Corporate Dashboard UX/UI

The ProviderTrust corporate dashboard allows healthcare compliance officers, directors, and managers to easily review the data they are responsible for monitoring.


Some of my work is not able to be shown fully here for confidentiality purposes. For more information on this project, shoot me a message and I'll be happy to provide it.


ProviderTrust is a healthcare data and technology company that allows large healthcare organizations to monitor the employees and vendors against various federal and state requirements. This particular project was for Passport, our core web app.

To accommodate large clients with many layers to their corporate structure, we needed to implement a new corporate dashboard. This dashboard lets administrators navigate through the layers of the corporate structure they are responsible for and quickly respond to pressing issues.

My role: Wireframes, gathering user feedback, mockups, design QA


The original pain point for this project originated from a particular large client who needed the ability to reflect their nearly constantly-shifting corporate hierarchy from both a data and user interface standpoint.

Defining the problem

Myself and the product manager for this application held a discovery call with end users and the client’s internal IT team to define the need for this project. Based on our conversations, we defined the goal as

End users need a way to view alerts and data on any and all levels of the corporate hierarchy

The corporate hierarchy for this client is defined by an uploaded file specifying the structure of the hierarchy, a structure that is often changed on a daily or weekly basis. This file also determines user permissions. Our challenge was to reflect that in a dashboard.

Location, location, location

It quickly became clear the main challenge in bringing this data model to life in our UI was allowing users to 1) know where in the hierarchy they have navigated to and 2) to quickly and easily return to ‘parent’ layers.

We created clickable prototypes for a few different scenarios and held a feedback session with our key client decision-maker. The end result was a tiled layout accompanied by breadcrumbs that allowed for quick location and navigation.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 2.51.49 PM.png

More screenshots available upon request.


On top of presenting the data in a clear and organized manner, we implemented a breadcrumb element, which previously was not a need in this particular application.

We reviewed this solution with our client by allowing them to access a clickable prototype. Our users that reviewed this loved the cleanliness and simplicity, while having enough information displayed to be aware of their location in the hierarchy.