Phil Haddad
Phil Haddad

ProviderTrust Design System

Company-wide design system to bring clarity, learnability, and consistency to our suite of healthcare SaaS solutions.

This project is not public facing; samples can be provided upon request.


A startup typically starts with one product that fits the need of an individual client or small group of clients and then growing by expanding it's marketing/sales efforts and product offerings. As ProviderTrust has gone from a startup into a higher growth phase, our product team has seen the need to implement a simple design system. 

User Goals

  • Improved learnability through more consistent UI's and interactions across products
  • More clear language, actions, and feedback 

Business goals

  • Increase brand consistency among products
  • Ease of use for developers building new UIs.
A sample from our in-progress Sketch doc

A sample from our in-progress Sketch doc

The Process

  1. Determine initial scope - This system is being designed and implemented on one product to keep the scope manageable for testing and roll out. 
  2. Interface inventory & pattern identification - After we identified our initial product, we conducted an interface inventory, cataloging the various elements and grouping them by common patterns.
  3. Clean up and redesign - We then cleaned up the elements that did not match others, redesigned elements where necessary, and organized our new system in a Sketch document.
  4. Development and implementation - One of our developers planned and completed the initial work for actually building our design system. He created a guide that would allow other developers to quickly and easily access code to implement our new styles, with a page that showed how the various elements should render.


We are currently in the process of implementing this system and identifying areas for improvement before rolling out to all of our products.