Phil Haddad
Phil Haddad

Redhage Basketball

To build upon his successful career in professional basketball, Australian NBL star Shawn Redhage launched his own training business to provide a variety of basketball training programs to students in Australia.

check out the full site at

check out the full site at


Facing his upcoming retirement from Australia's National Basketball League, Shawn Redhage decided to launch his own training business. Redhage Basketball offers a variety of programs designed to help students take their basketball skills to the next level.

To support his new business, Shawn needed a website to showcase his training programs, as well as provide a way for parents to sign their kids up for programs and pay from one place. It was very important to Shawn that we create a seamless experience that made it easy for this to happen.


The right tools for the job

There were two main solutions we needed to identify for this project. First, which platform to build the Redhage Basketball site on. Second, how to allow users to sign up and pay for basketball training programs through the site. 


I chose to build Shawn's website in Squarespace for the reason I usually choose Squarespace: ease of use. Redhage Basketball is in its infancy and will likely evolve significantly over the next year. I wanted it to be very simple for Shawn to go into the site and make edits himself as needed. It's not scalable or cost efficient to enlist a designer every time wording needs updated, and Squarespace provided the perfect platform for this.

Acuity Scheduling

Shawn's biggest concern was making it very easy to sign up and pay without any unnecessary registration steps or leaving his site. We explored solutions including: Mindbody (a little too robust) and Coachseek (went out of business while we had a trial with them). We landed on Acuity Scheduling. Custom calendars, payment integrations, and the ability to embed directly on-site were just a few of the reasons we chose Acuity. 


The finished product